CSS Design?

2010-02-07 01:44:23 by IKONiC

I would need someone to make me a custom-designed Soundclick page. I just bought it and they allow you to customize the format and style of the page with CSS coding. However, I know none of this.

I would be willing to pay approximately $10 to anyone who could do it for me. I'm looking for something decently flashy. Nothing animated. Similar to my NG Banner. Floral, colorful, attractive. This or this are examples of what I'm looking for. Obviously not as complex, but you'd understand the point.

I would also need a paypal purshase button on the page where people could easily buy or lease beats as well as my interview/bio on the front page.

Finally, I'd be helping you the whole way through and also be giving you access to my page, rather than have you code from scratch. They also give templates which you could start from. I understand that this isn't lots of money, again it's only $10 but it's good for a portfolio. I'd be giving full credit to you.

I really hope someone can help me out with this and that I'm not asking too much. If you think that this is too much and that you'd like to arrange something with me, let me know.


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2010-07-15 18:19:05

I could help you out. Send me a PM.