2009-05-25 22:53:27 by IKONiC

Been writing loads of electro lately. Not too many big projects. I've been busy learning how to do certain tricks; make basses, leads, transitions. I've just been figuring out loads of new things and listening to new artists. I even started listening to Blink 182 again after having downloaded their Discography.

I'm really excited that some of my upcoming tracks are going to really hit it off here on NG.
For starters, I have a collaboration with Morgan King that we've both been working extremely hard on. Although I'd consider it at this point more of a 70-30 collab for him, I've done some nice things and added some great parts of mine own to the track. It's a dark dance / psytrance collab right now and we're aiming for about 7 minutes or so. Seeing as it's already about 5 and a half minutes. We still have a long way to go.



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2009-09-30 13:34:20

You're very welcome!

Also, good luck with your audio projects!


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